The BEST permanent safety film

Permanent self-adhesive safety back film for mirrors and lacquered glass compliant with the norm EN 12600.

This film is perfect to be laminated at the back of the mirrors / lacquered glass installed in buildings open to the public like hotels, airports, hospitals, fitness centers, public bathrooms, lifts, well as in residential places into bathrooms, dressings, ...

For mirrors / lacquered glass installed in those places for wall and ceiling decoration, dressing doors, furniture, it is highly recommended to use NOVACEL® 9212 at the back.


In case of breakage

The permanent safety film NOVACEL® 9212 holds together the shattered pieces of the mirror and lacquered glass.


Our KEY partners

Glass experts, producers or processors, rely on the quality of the Safety Back NOVACEL® 9212 in your day to day activity.

Glass producers

Glass producers

You produce mirrors and lacquered glass on your industrial lines at a large scale in large dimensions. Safety Back film NOVACEL® 9212 is the best film for your products.

Glass processors

You cut and grind mirrors and lacquered glass. Safety back film NOVACEL® 9212 is an interesting option to propose to your customers.

Glass processors

Benefits of NOVACEL® 9212

Permanent safety back film NOVACEL® 9212 gives additional value to your mirrors and lacquered glass.

Complies with EN12600 requirements (level 2B2)

Increases safety from operators to end users

Covers up to 2 550 mm in width

Protects the paints from scratches and corrosion

Resists warm and humid conditions

Suits for the majority of the silicone adhesives

Provides a nice aspect on the surfaces

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